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Play my Music Anyhow

"Play my Music Anyhow” is a tribute to the work of Johnston County native and acclaimed poet, Shelby Stephenson. It will be a musical exploration of Nature, Love, Humanity and the History of Johnston County through the eyes of Stephenson’s poetry and the music which it inspires. Juilliard trained prodigy pianist, composer and multi genre improvisor, Joey Chang, creates this vibrant mix of musical styles. The event will feature poetry readings and reminiscences by Stephenson himself, improvised music by Joey Chang, and short film clips set to live music.


From the Silk Road to Tobacco Road

“From the Silk Road to Tobacco Road,” is a special collaboration with Kyrgyz American Foundation, based in New York City. KAF brings together artists from Kyrgyzstan and the US in artistic collaborations and promotes the culture of Central Asia and Eurasia throughout the world. This concert will feature pianist, Aza Sydykov, founder and president of KAF, acclaimed soprano, Elana Gleason, and Jonathan Levin, performing a selection of Kyrgyz Music, original arrangements of Kyrgyz and American music, and virtuosic works for two pianos. It will also feature videos showing aspects of Kyrgyz American Foundation and Johnston county respectively.


Ode to Joy

“Ode to Joy” is a celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven. It will feature four pianists - Aza Sydykov, Craig Ketter, Dexter Ruffins, and Jonathan Levin, plus soprano Elana Gleason and violinist Christin Danchi. Together with a special guest appearance by Joey Chang, they will bring you a multi- dimensional look at the work of Beethoven, from his earliest years as one of the greatest improvisors ever known, to his later compositions, which forever changed the course of music history. Narrated by Jonathan Levin, with vivid accounts from the composer’s life, the concert ends the last movement of Beethoven’s immortal 5th symphony performed on 2 pianos by 4 pianists!